When we look at a lighthouse projecting its light far away, we can see in it a great symbolism.
This brings us to a great truth. We can’t attain what is upstairs when there is no effort ,
We don’t necessarily need to look at the lighthouse, but at its light. This will make us think about the supreme light that is everywhere in everything, creatures or beings, on any form of any element that exists.
This light reminds us of the Divine, the Source and from contemplating again and again the lighthouse light and constantly connect ourselves to the spiritual world, well we end by being a lighthouse ourselves.
We can take example on great wise-men and erudite persons, by looking at their lives, without even then being able to act like them. We can read the Scriptures a thousand times, taking examples on the Christ, but even then few people are able to become men like that, mystic, simple, merciful, powerful and charismatic. Why? For the simple reason that any emblematic person like Jesus, Ghandi, Bouddha, the Saints doctors of the law and even Krishna were inhabited of this light.
We must let this light inhabit us, this Divine consciousness and intelligence, logical and humble.
With practice through years of accumulation, resolution, inner questioning, lightened by the light of reflexions, prayers and meditations, we will end by becoming a lighthouse! A light transmitter that enlightens far away the direction of the Source!

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