To live spiritual realization, you must be, from deep within your soul, conscious of your profound union with the Father.  You must feel within you this source that is all joy, all wisdom and knowledge, and that is all health and life.  This source that can shoot out from you, from others or from nowhere, but that is, even then, ready to shoot out at your call whenever you are ready or that you need it.   Jesus talked about the Consolator that would live in them, revealing them the depth of the knowledge of God.  He thought his disciples how to find the kingdom of heaven within themselves.  This gave the apostles the power for healing sickness, spirits and emotions of people, the power to realize miracles.  This is living spiritual realization.  When we are aware of the Father within us, we obtain powers like his disciples’.  Didn’t he say “one who believes in me will also do the works I do and he will do greater ones”.

Your body is the Holy Spirit’s temple that is within you.  This consciousness of God, this divine energy comes down in the body of the one that is simple, repentant and humble.  We have to get rid of pride to access it but it is there that waits everywhere around us, above us and even inside us.  It comes, this pure energy, like a deepened knowledge, serene, perfect.  The Father will reveal to you and you will be conscious of the Father that is within you.  You will become his strength, his goodness and his peace!

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