“To look at God from one eye and evil from the other is serving two masters!”

We must refuse to see the world differently than with a sane eye.  We must banish evil and have only joy, happiness.  As long as you recognize two powers, God and demon, good and evil, you serve two masters.  Recognize only one power in your life.  Don’t even see the appearance of evil.  Don’t nurture it.  It will lose its strength right away.  It is only the absence of God.  Learn to say “absence of God” instead of saying evil, weakness or else, you will overcome all the difficulties.   Isn’t it simple enough?

Despite everything that can happen from the outside; sickness, poverty, sadness, stay accurately attached to a sane way of seeing life.  Don’t try to look at the appearance of evil or to fight it, neither try to get rid of it, DENY IT!  And see God that will grow in this evil and this evil will become good or it will go away, will disintegrate; it will disappear from your life, with no effects at all, because you will be inhabited by the spirit of God.  Nourish him well, prayers, joy and peace!

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