Is this or that religion true?

Does this religion contain the truth, while no other would have the right to transmit such affirmation?

Some think that a religion has the exclusive privilege to teach the truth and goes on denying the validity of other religions.  Other, more tolerant, do some concessions.  They recognize that certain religions, foreigner to theirs contains some part of the truth but they stay convinced that only theirs contains all the truth.

For some, all religions are legitimate steps that lead to some truths but that none possesses the universality sense.  All are bearers of a message for an established people, at an established epoch.

The Vedic religion contains rich culture and profound knowledge on the human behavior, namely to connect to the spiritual world.

The son of man has been made Christ in flesh, left us a behavior code to follow, followed God’s plan and saved men forever, taking all their sins.

Buddha also left us a behavior code; the eradication of desires that engender suffering.

Mohamed, Allah blesses his name forever!  Came as the great messenger he is and gave us a behavior code dictated by Gabriel, an angel of God, as did Moses in another epoch.

We will all agree to say that Abraham was the great patriarch of all.  He is the patriarch of Hebrew as much as for Christians and also Muslims.  How can you, even if you’re from a different religion, quarrel if you have the same patriarch?

If you read the Koran, and you should read it, you will see that the behavior code is practically the same as the one Jesus thought; get closer to God.  We could almost say that Jesus was a Muslim, yet he was Jew.

I met Muslims more Christians than Christians in their behavior.

What is being Christian?  That has nothing to do with the cross that is the object of torture.  No, it is all what Jesus has left as a behavior code, what Jean has divulged as messages through the life and parable of Jesus.  The cross has become a symbol that connects us to him!

Each religion arises from the teachings of God through his messengers he elected.  God himself left his teachings in the Bhagavad Gita.  Krishna wanted to live his entertainments.  Krishna appeared on earth 5000 years ago and stayed 125 years on this planet, playing the same role of a human being but his actions are unequaled yet today.   Yet, the life of the prophet, messenger of Islam, Mohamed, is unequaled.

When the message and the behavior code come from God, it leaves a mystic and profound mark filled with truth.

The Koran, the New Testament, The Guru Grand Sahib transmitted by Guru Nanak, are filled with absolute truths, as well as the Ancient Testament holds great truths.  It is often the same truths concerning the behavior code, only the language is different but the behavior code stays the same.

You will see a lot of similarities in the Koran with the Bhagavad Gita and the New Testament.  All the prophets of the Ancient Testament constantly come back on the same values; love, truth, wisdom, on the same moral behavior of the human being.

God revealed us a part of his knowledge in Sanskrit, in Hebrew, in Arameen, in Greek, in Arabic and a lot of other languages at established epochs.

The real Muslim respecting the behavior code stipulated is exactly as the real Christian that respects the moral basis of the Christ.  They became the witness of truth.

Allah is clement and shows his clemency as Jehovah showed, as well as Krishna shows it constantly.  The clemency of God is very great because despite all our stumbles, all our sins and all our crimes and wars made in the past, he continues to wait that men will understand and will get out of their ignorance, letting us free will of our choices and consequences.

The repentant, despite everything he has done in the past, have more value than any other!

The repenting, the forgiveness, the devotion is what he expects from all of us.  That we become examples for our brothers to follow, that we would be faithful in our prayers and our efforts to improve ourselves.

Each man can be an example by its own life.  Saints and wise men behaved in their existence according to the most noble principles; love, devotion and uninterested action.  They established standards to assure our spiritual progress.  As we know how to apply them,   the transformation happens!  Our crude nature is erased, our divine nature appears but the aspirant meets difficulties that he will hardly overcome.

If we want to obey at Jesus’ Ten Commandments, to Bhagavad Gita’s, to the Koran’s or to Buddha’s in order to face this time responsibilities, we have to be the master of our senses and our mental.

Often, when religious people have personal opinions and find opposition to their beliefs, quarrels break out, discusses get poisoned and they close all doors.  Then any agreement becomes impossible.  How many hours asking ourselves if there is life after death, on what plan our evolution will carry on after our death, if we will go to hell or in purgatory, if we will resuscitate, if there will be a cosmic dissolution, when the son of the man’s event will happen, when golden age will appear amongst humans, etc.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists have given different answers.

By bringing light on the harmony of religions, I don’t want to solve the contradictions that are involved between the Holy books, I respect them all and I am only quoting the similarities between them.  I only want to put the accent on what we can realize by ourselves as human beings.

Let’s look in the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the prophets for the testimony of our own revelation. My message is aimed to the whole humanity, a humanity that is terribly suffering.  Each being, according to the religious call that suits him, should try very hard to lead a fair and healthy life according to God’s code to receive the divine presence’s benediction, the Holy Spirit’s and the mercifulness of the Hole Mighty, the Creator!

It is possible to live in presence of God.  Let’s transform in perpetual adoration of God.  Let’s live in his essence and let’s also become examples to follow for future generations.

Be filled with virtues!

Be filled with love!

Be filled with wisdom!

Doesn’t matter the ascetisms, the fasting, the rites that we will do, let our existence be inspired by the wise men and saints that preceded us, on the point of being like them!

Let’s elevate our moral consciousness, but let’s not hurt other’s beliefs!

Let’s also learn to respect others’ beliefs.  Let’s be tolerant towards one’s fellow human being like God is tolerant towards us!

It is only like that that the harmony of religions will settle down.  Let’s make a sincere effort to understand one’s fellow human being, to make agree our thoughts and feelings with his.

The essence of all the Holy books is to foster human being to spiritual exercises so that he can fulfill the truth in the course of his existence and to comply with a moral code, to spiritual practices and to initiations that will accelerate his evolution.

Each religion suggests a different solution but the ascetisms recommended by all religions has for a unique effect to provoke in this life, the transformation of the human being.  We only can count on our own personal work.

Let’s purify ourselves of all crude attachment for anything that is not the Divine!

That’s how the harmony of religions will be fulfilled!


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  1. Is Bible Injurious to western countries ?
    Recently in America, A school Boy shot his mother,his school principal,and his classmates.These kind of « shoot-outs » Regularly. They have been taught by their ‘church fathers’ that  » ‘Devils’ are the cause for their Troubles(problems) ». the trouble makers appeared to be Like Devils for the school boy.
    Here in India,and Eastern countries,we believe that our ‘Past Life-Karma’ is the main cause for our Troubles.
    The ‘Law of Karma’ is still a new concept for the Americans,and western countries.and They Don’t Believe in ‘Past Life’ concept.
    In The opinion of ‘prabhupada’ , »Those who understands ‘past life’,Reincarnation with ‘Law of Karma’ Principle, will Automatically Develop better understanding of their Religious ‘Holly Books’ « . without this understanding they will also Destroy their Religions for Ignorance.


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