*Before wanting to travel elsewhere, on other planets, we have to be able to manage our own planet and search for a balance.


*We have to learn to get along with one another and learn to use clean and durable energy sources.  We have to immediately begin to consider the preservation of the planet for the own preservation of us, humans, and this is right now!


*I see a lot of persons wanting to know something, but I see so very few that simply have the will and desire to BE… we have to BE before knowing.


*It is not the time anymore for debates and for questionings.  It is urgent to take actions, all sorts of actions and concrete gestures for unification, to help one another and for a change.


*The man that knows the principles of the divine laws is completely sure and reassured that his happiness is precious in the heart of the Supreme, the absolute, the whole universe, the whole powerful and eternal Father.  He knows inevitably that all his real needs, whatever they are, will be fulfilled one way or another.  It is an unchanging law of attraction for the good that belongs to him.


*Everything that you will ask while praying, you will see it manifest, you will see it appear suddenly and surely, you will see it being accomplished.  Your comprehensive faith and your total trust are the elements that will bring you what you ask for or what you need.


*The magic appears only when we become ourselves, which we create in an intimacy close to contemplation by getting in touch directly with the creation that comes from our Spirit, by emptying ourselves from all external things.  Only then, magic will appear!


*Often we look at bad news, dramas of all kinds, so much that we have the impression that there is only chaos and suffering in this world but it’s false!  It is because there are so many good things happening and so many comprehensions, help, good works of all kinds that everything goes unnoticed.  The world evolves!  That proves that, despite all these wars that happened, the genocides and natural catastrophes, the planet contains even more humans than before.  The universal consciousness, the supra-consciousness of mankind is happening.  It will soon happen I feel it and everything proves that there are not only disasters or dramas.  There is also as well, even more, good actions and beautiful things that happens every day.

Let’s focus on good things!

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