The major problem on all the earth related to harmony and peace is that men believe they can appropriate the goods of the earth and disturb the order of things.  Yet the laws of nature cannot be violated.  Nature and earth belongs to God.  People do auto-appropriate territories.  They want to conquer lands that in fact belong to the Creator!  He is the ultimate owner of everything that is.  The earth belongs to him totally. We cannot claim neither appropriate what is due to the Lord.  Before us, there were other people on the earth and the history of the earth is great compared to the time we will stay.  To possess spirit’s peace, we have to be conscious of God, the real beneficiary of all universes.  Our own life is temporary.  Peace will be possible only when all nations will realize that the earth is lent to us and that we have to protect it.  Every false belonging idea has to disappear of the society.  The ownership right, that human race uses on the planet, is at the origin of all the wars and conflicts that move away peace and happiness on earth.  A lot of aboriginal people already understood this principle.  Australia’s aboriginals for example, they know! Civilized men tend to belonging, to the desire to possess, when in fact, we possess absolutely nothing. When we die, all of our possessions are divided up, sold or given.  We do not bring our terrestrial possessions with us in death.  We only bring with us our experience and our virtues.

The beings conscious of God, of the creation, the universe and their souls are often peaceful beings and in peace with themselves.   They do not try to appropriate unnecessary things.  They do not try to possess. They simply serve!  And very often, they make peace reign around them.  Peace begins by renunciation and service.  The society drives humans to conditioning, belonging, when in fact, at the end of our life we realize that it is the entire contrary.

As long as this will last, there will be no peace.  We assist to a constant anxiety related to belonging, a world-wide anxiety.  Yet, in God’s kingdom, anxiety does not exist.  In the spiritual world anxiety disappear. That is why when you pray, you cannot be anxious!

If you do the mantra: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare, your anxiety will disappear immediately because you are linked to the spiritual world when you do that mantra.  It is the same thing if you pray Allah facing the east.  It is the same if you pray reciting your beads or rosary.  It is the same thing again if you sing the Hu (pronounce YOU) song.  Everything that is related to the spiritual world brings peace of mind and peace of the soul and at the same time, peace around you.

Anxiety in directly related to belonging, to desire and to pleasure of senses.  Anxiety is related to possession.

Let this be clear!  We possess nothing else than our eternal soul and our temporary physical body.  All the rest belongs to the divine source of creation, to God!

Peace is accessible to all if we become aware of it.


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