Our father - 1

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be the name
Related to Kether, the crown
Lets hallow the name of God by being pure in everything that we do, by being luminous and holly.
That God’s name be hallowed through our gestures, in any of our acts.
Lets act in a pure, luminous and sacred way.
That God’s name be hallowed in our thoughts, in all things, object, creature.
That God’s name be hallowed in ourselves.
From dawn till dusk we need to hallow everything that we see, everything we touch, everything we eat.
Everywhere we go, we need to bless and hallow everything and above all, hallow thyself.
Our own body needs to become purified from any filthiness.
We need to purify and hallow everything, everyone.
That God’s name be hallowed continually in our heart, our soul, our spirit and our thoughts.
Having the super consciousness of hallowing even the steps that we make!
It’s all about that “hallowed by the name of God”.

*hallow: to make holy, sanctify, consecrate, to respect or honor greatly

Thy kingdom come
Related to hochmah, wisdom to be part of the reign of God.
Reign of God is within our heart.
It is a kingdom of love, kindness, generosity, charity and harmony between all the creatures.
It is a kingdom of joy and happiness and of peace that needs to settle itself in the heart of all mankind, in the collectivity.
This kingdom is not a place but an inner state that reflects all that is good, generous and selfless.
It is near but yet has not come.
The kingdom will not come if we do not put effort.
For the masters and the insiders, the kingdom is already long overdue.
For the disciples, the kingdom is occurring, it is coming!
And for a lot of people, it will come but when?
The kingdom is already there, in our heart, and it is part of a whole and of everyone that lives in this same collectivity, this same egregore, they are inhabited.
The kingdom is already there, for in our heart, we can receive the light of God and then his kingdom lives within us completely.
Heaven can go down in our heart.
Then the important thing is to do it in the collectivity! The mass!
Be many!
As soon as you are aware of this fact, propagate this message, go to the front of the world and spread this living word.
Be all united, in all times, and that in every places on earth.
Never stop.
Think about this idea nonstop.
Pray day and night.
Hallow everything on your way and propagate this message.
The collectivity! The mass!
Be many, radiant, and illuminate the world by your radiance, by your light and your sanctifications and you will see that the kingdom of God is already present.
It only asks to rise and enlarge, progress and expand.
Being a human is not only living and eating, working and sleeping.
No, that is not what being a human is.
Being a human is a state.
It is being the image of our creator and trying to be up to who we really are; his sons!
Sons and daughters of God!
Here is how the kingdom will come! “Thy kingdom come”

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
Related to binah, intelligence.
We have to master the material, vivify it with the will of God and spiritualize it.
The life of the spirit has to come true on earth in a way as perfect as in heaven.
We must perfect ourselves, improve, purify, sanctify ourselves and do God’s will on earth.
So we must, in all our actions, in all our words and our behaviors, reflect heaven.
We must agree with the divine world, connect to it, become heaven’s conductor, heaven’s tools, to let the divine manifest through us.
That is making God’s will on earth.
Let the light entities and heavenly and almighty divine manifest through our thoughts, our feelings and our actions.
But for God’s kingdom to be established on earth, it cannot be done all by itself.
It needs the whole collectivity.
There have been a lot of saints and prophets, but the world by itself, stayed the same, for there was not enough people to follow, imitate them.
It is the collectivity that needs to improve itself through efforts, oppositions, fights, victories and through a boundless perseverance.
That is how to do “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

***an interesting fact here:
Jesus in his prayer of Our Father that he left us, reversed gebourah and hesed.
Gebourah is the strenght, our daily bread, our spiritual nourishment!
From his humble opinion, being a son of God, he simply logically thought to ask this spiritual nourishment first so that we can then have the capacity to forgive hesed, mercy!
Not easy the forgiveness, it takes strength to accomplish it!***

Give us this day our daily bread
Related to Gebourah, strength, the spiritual nourishment in all its forms.
Bread is not only what we have on our table.
The daily bread is our spiritual nourishment.
The bread, the good seed, the good grain; the good seed that becomes a strong plant that gives the good grain to form the good bread.
That daily we could receive our spiritual nourishment.
We have a daily need of the bread of God, of the bread of Christ, of this light and vitality source through the holy books’ writings.
The bread of the inner prayer, the one of the divine contemplation.
The bread of the saint meditation, of the service, the one of the boundless devotion.
It is the fruit of the passion of Christ.
The bread is also the Holy Spirit that guides us on the way!
It is the providence that guides the pilgrim to the sacred path.
That is all this “the daily bread”.

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us
Naturally related to hesed, mercy.
We all need to forgive our own faults and also forgive the errors of our fellows.
Grudge does not belong in God’s kingdom, because God himself do not hold it against your sins, for the all mighty Lord is very merciful.
We must, our own self, let God and his mercifulness reflect through us.
We must become merciful.
We all need to forgive and we all need that the others forgive us.
God is the first to forgive us.
He leaves us free.
The free will is ours and we must do the right choices.
Lets forgive others like God forgives us.
Alike, we have to forgive ourselves our own mistakes and become repentant.
The repentant is precious to God.
*Others make mistakes same as we do too, so lets forgive them like we would like them to forgive us.

Lead us not into temptation
Related to tipheret, beauty, magnificence.
That means that we have to repulse the limits of our temptations of all kinds.
It is the call of detachment and of renunciation.
To separate from which is not necessary, from our futile desires.
To get rid of our lesser vices, get rid of the material world.
It is to uncondition ourselves from the habit we received of always wanting to possess something, to restrain this desire.
We must repulse any kind of evil, through austerity, asceticism and humbly.
We can overcome the obstacles of our temptations in prayer, meditation, silence and the mortification of the senses.
We then become fulfill of inner magnificence and we obtain the beauty of resisting to the temptations.
We become in the state of the tipheret, the beauty, the divine magnificence, the direct path that will lead us to the next sephiroth, the victory.

And deliver us from evil
Related to netzach, the victory (victory against evil forces, against ourselves)
We get delivered from evil when we do the will of the Father, when a reign the kingdom of God in our heart.
We then obtain victory.
God is always victorious against evil and darkness.
Lets ask God to deliver us from evil so that we can be victorious and that victory will enter, reverberate, in our whole being.
It is by this accomplishing victory that then God intervenes.

For thine is the kingdom
Related to malkout, the kingdom.
It is the kingdom of God.
His divine presence above us, below us, our feet, on this earth that he created and we ourselves are part of this earth.
To soil ourselves, is to soil this earth.
But when we have become the tipheret, the beauty, and that we have defeated and deserved victory, then God intervenes and does the rest.
It is He that worketh in us.
He is also around us and inside us.

For thine is the kingdom, malkout, the kingdom!
The power, iesod, that exactly means power!
And the glory, hod the glory!
Then God does the rest.
By his divine intervention, we then become his tool, a true son of God!

For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever, Amen!

Kingdom, power and glory!
Malkout, iesod and hod!
Sanctification will lead us to Wisdom
Wisdom will give us Intelligence
And this Intelligence will give us Strength
The necessary Strength that will inevitably lead us to Mercy
And all that combined together will give us the Beauty and the Magnificence to fight our temptations nobly!
From this inner Beauty that will reflect everywhere around us, will emanate Victory for sure!
And it is this inner Victory on ourselves that will bring God’s Glory.
The Glory will give us the Power
Yes, the inner Power needed then to bring the Kingdom of God on earth, in the hearts of men and women and of all beings surrounding us.
It is this the whole symbolism of the Sephirotic tree.
It is the principle of the tree of life.

The Our Father contains all this principle in a few sentences and in an intelligent manner and a limitless eloquence!

It is a magical text, a true magical formula.

Jesus did put in a whole ancient and highly advanced science, in a summarized and condensed way.
A true initiatory journey that will one day bring golden age on earth!
In short, if we really understood the meaning of the Our Father and the meaning of every word, then we can meditate this prayer and say it again in our mind that way:
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Yes, Ô my Father, teach me to hallow everything; everything I see and everything I touch, in order to fulfill thy works through me.
Thy kingdom come in my heart, in my soul and in my flesh.
May I be part of thy kingdom already existing and that only asks to rise.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
May I do thy will through my body, my actions and my thoughts.
May I do thy will through my words and thy truth will be revealed.
May I do thy will through all my daily gestures giving me the will and perseverance of doing only YOUR will.
Give us this day, our daily bread, our spiritual nourishment in the power of thy words and in the example of the holy books, so that I will make thee living through my whole being.
May thy nourishment and thy seed of life manifests itself in me at all times.
Forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me.
May I possess mercy and compassion.
Help be become forgiving and patient in hardships and may I forgive my fellow despite suffering, Ô my eternal Father!
Lead us not into temptation.
May I stay strong in hardship!
May I become the tipheret.
May the inner beauty help me resist all temptations, fully penetrate me.
May I become thy magnificence on earth, so that I can be a model for humans.
And deliver me from evil.
May I be victorious face of evil, so I illuminate darkness of your luminous splendor.
May your intervention be victorious through my body, my mind and my soul so that I will always be in joy and hope, in love and truth.
Deliver me of all evil, Ô beloved Father!
For Ô eternal Father and creator of the universe thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever, Amen!
I give you my peace!
I let you peace!
Glory to thee in the highest heaven!

So pray my brothers, pray!

Go on the top of the mountains at dawn and let the rising sun overrun you completely and let its rays penetrate you.

Then, say this prayer.

Live it!

And let the tree of life penetrate within you!

Lets become like the tree of life.

Let it work within us.

God will do the rest, miracles will be accomplished.

For only one just and holy person, humanity is worth surviving and continuing to exist!

And Jesus was a living model of what it is to be the son of God that was completely penetrated of the tree of life.

May he be blessed forever!


Une réponse "

  1. Dear ones
    I am thankful for your words of Truth and Wisdom.

    I have longed for a oneness of Spirut; and now am at Peace in my entire being,
    The road ahead is now a long green pathway spread with flowers if every kind.

    We are not alone my friends.

    Be heartened, give thanks always and rejoice.

    Selamat Gajun!
    Selamat Ja!!

    Sirian for…

    Be One!
    Be in Joy!!




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