Each individual sees, actually, by its own mind opening.  He looks at and limits all things to his vision already programmed.  These limits are marked by the ignorance and narrowness of each person.  There was numbers of religious and territorial wars and divisions among lots of religious groups.   Schisms happen once in a while within some religious orders.  Today, with all the knowledge that we have and the light that we possess on the fact that there is only one God emanating from all humans, a lot still hang on to external differences, slowing down the accomplishment of the new millennium that is happening instead of hurrying it up.  They are slowing it down for themselves!  All of them, with no exception.

I would like here to help humanity as much as it is possible for me to do so.  Help to break its barriers, its separation walls.   I would like to make you realize that there are neither barriers nor separation walls between the different religious communities and the different ways of thinking.  There is only your own vision delimited that is different or that sees differences.  I would like to transmit you a simple way to break any bond that links you up to ignorance and narrowness of the mind.  First, lose sight of all differences.  Let go of the details and look only for one thing; the consciousness of the divine presence living within your soul and in your life.  My dear beings, brothers and sisters of humanity, there is just a one and only truth.  There are distinctions, but there are no differences.  The Holy Spirit, the divine essence of God lives within each men and women with no difference at all, the religion or status doesn’t matter!  The name we give to God according to what we have learned doesn’t matter towards him.  We are all his children and we all belong to a one and only family.

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