(a way to get your life back)

Negation is the first step towards the cleaning of our mind to be able to get rid of wrong beliefs that we drag our whole lives, beliefs that made so much damage in our lives.

By negation, we mean to declare not to be true something that seemed to be.  Appearances are in direct opposition with the teachings of truth or science.  If you deny with persistence unhappy   life conditions, not only they will lose the power of making you suffer, but with time, these bad conditions will be destroyed by your negation.

All love is a manifestation of God!

All wisdom IS God!

All life and all health IS God!

All good that exists is a manifestation of God in the invisible!

You don’t need to discuss the bad, the evil or to understand all the reasons why you do these negations or these affirmations, but begin to practice these negations and these affirmations with an informed mind and then you will observe by yourself the way you will be marvelously delivered of the so-called sufferings in your everyday life.

The 4 negations to say

The more often you can, at least 5 times a day.

1st negation:

Evil (bad) doesn’t exist!  It is only the absence of good.  There is only one power in the universe and this power is God!  God is all good and God is omnipotent, omnipresent.  The apparent absence of good (evil) is not real!  And I am surrounded of all God’s love and I am attracting it with all my being!

2nd negation:

There is no lack of the life, the substance, the intelligence, anywhere.  Visible things are fleeting and the invisibles are eternal!

*break this link that binds you to the matter and to material conditions.  Be free!  You will feel that you are free when reciting this second negation.

3rd negation:

Pain, poverty, illness, old age and death can’t gain control on me because they are not true!

4th negation:

There is nothing in the universe that I can fear because the one that is in me (God) is greater that all that exists!

*repeat silently these four negations many times a day.  Not with a tensed effort, anxious to obtain a result, but with calm.  Let the signification of these words carry out in yourself.

(There is no evil!)

(There is no reality, life or intelligence that is separated from the spirit of God!)

(Pain, illness, poverty, old age and death have no power on me!)

(There is nothing in the universe that I should fear!)

The 4 statements

Everything you ask while you pray, believe that you will receive it and you will see it realize itself.

To make a statement is to declare positively that this thing is real, even against all evidence.  This marvelous presence all around us and within us is the substance of all the good that we can desire and that we can let manifest through us.  After denying the reality and the power of apparent evil (bad), negation that liberate us, we can bring any benefit in our life by making statements with persistence. You will soon see a wonderful chance happen, brought by the realization of these words.

1st statement:

This apparent weakness is not true;

Life, wisdom, the power that are God come together in me right now in my whole being and through me as far as the external things.  God is life, love, intelligence, the substance, the omnipotence, the omnipresence, the omniscience.

2nd statement:

I am the child or the manifestation of God and his life, his love, his wisdom, his power come together in me and through me at every moment.  I become one with God and am governed by his heavenly law!

3rd statement:

I am perfect spirit, healthy, harmonious.  Nothing can do me harm, make me sick or frighten me because the spirit is God and God cannot be sick, frightened or attacked.  I from now on manifest my true being.

4th statement:

God work in me so that I will want and will do his will, and because of that, I cannot fail.

*When you energetically make your statement your union with the Father, all the power of omnipotent love move off and come running to deliver you.  Our statement, supported by faith, connects us to the cable of this driving force that gives us help.

Deny evil, assert good!

Deny weakness, assert strength!

Your life will be changed forever!

Learn every of these negations and statements by heart so that you can repeat them anytime and in any place.

They will deliver you from any calamity that can come from outside.

You will be free!

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