The Alliance of the Nations

(Communication of the Archangel Mikhael)

Time has come for man to take a step ahead or to move back.

When an advanced race is ready to move out of its solar system, it is that they have reached a point of evolution to come join us, but there is a condition.  It must be an advanced and peaceful race.  You have reached a culminating stage where you can discover the possibilities of going out of your solar system or of your self-destruction.

Some people will feel an interior change.

All the nations will have to gather.

Here is what The Father asks:

The world will have to choose to evolve all in the same direction.

Hebrews still awaits the Messiah, Moslems awaits the last Himam, Christians awaits the second arrival of Christ, the arrival of the consolator.

Here finally the day has arrived.

The Moslems who pray Allah according to the faith of Allah pray all in direction of the Mecca, the place of the house of Abraham. This place should be a sacred international place opened to all the nations of the world and the Hebrews should have the right to make their pilgrimages there.

The land of Israel was flouted and many wars changed the face of Israel. The land of Israel should also become international and all the nations of the world should go there without any danger.

The nations of the world will have to find solutions to rebalance nature, if not, nature will be avenged by itself.

If all the Christians, Moslems, Hebrews, unite themselves and gather at the same place to pray together, great miracles will occur.

Time has come for a major change.

Men will have from now on to respect the woman.

Women suffer a lot because of the men.

On the opposite, women will have to respect themselves and not  become objects of covetousness. There is a golden mean. A golden mean which could be taught by the Buddhists. As for the Buddhists, they are advanced and peaceful people.

Great miracles will occur among Buddhists, because The Father witnesses all the nations. He is grateful towards those which carry inside the good fruit, the good seed.

To all the natives and aboriginals people, to all those which live out of the cities in nature, The Father asks not to waste the natural resources which surround them. It is not necessary to cut the trees to make fire. Nature already offers firewood by the mean of the trees which already died.

They will have not to misuse nature. The fishes of the lakes, the rivers and as of the ocean are not to sell. They are to feed you.

In the past, the indigenous, native people which lived in harmony with nature did not waste the resources of the earth.

Time has come of the greatest nations gathering the world has never seen.

If however human race would not respect The Father’s last amendment, human race wouldn’t survive.  And if they survive, There will be very few of them and will have to start over again at primitive stage.

If you respect The Father’s last amendment, great discoveries will make human race a race that will be able to travel out of its solar system.  The secret of these discoveries will be possible and will be given only to a peaceful nation.

Women don’t need to veil their face and hair anymore and men will have to respect them as they respected their mother as a child.

Women are not objects; on the contrary, they are very precious.

And The Father asks all the nations to gather to find ways to clean what humanity has soiled.  Humans have spoiled the earth.

A human should never kill another human.

Love, Forgive, Offer, Protect, is, from now on, the last amendment of The Father.

A human should never steel.

A human should never waste.

Hebrews can continue praying Yhwh, Moslems can continue praying Allah, but Jehovah is his name.  He is the One that Is.

Time of discord has ended.

I will do through him great miracles if you gather and respect the last amendment of The Father, the One that Is.

Time of conflicts has ended.

Time has come of the gathering of all the nations.

Each time you will be reunited, that a lot of different nations will gather together, The Father will make feel his presence.

Time has come for the alliance of the nations between them.

I will do through him healings in the name of The Father.



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