Human traditions now discover that other thought systems, beliefs and other cultures and different styles of life can be compared to ours, but also complete, purify or even imbricate somewhere far in the history of our own culture.  The human traditions, as diversified as they are, come to the evidence that other traditions and customs around them can emphasize and even change what has, until now, been considered as definitely acquired and so, untouchable of humanity;  The unity in diversity, in harmony and perfect comprehension of others.  It will be a difficult task but possible in this new millennium that begins.  It will be an enormous task of accomplishment.

When we help humanity and that we work humanitarianly to change things, we help us to strengthen and improve our own selves.   Just as, when we work on ourselves every day to be able to improve ourselves, we help humanity to change, we just changed the numbers of good actions by adding ourselves to the well-being of humanity.  What can seem opposite, humanity and ourselves, is in fact intimately linked together.  The humanity and ourselves are not separated!

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