Man is a conscious being that is called to develop this consciousness to reach his human dignity.

The spiritual step has to integrate all the aspects of the human existence and lead to knowledge, an inner transformative knowledge, involved in a personal practice and experimentation.  It is by the inner awareness of the Christ, the christic realization in us; this will lead us toward our real salvation!

We have to let the comforter work in us, let him manifest.  The true wisdom is a spiritual path with an extreme rectitude, franc and direct.  We have to be reborn in spirit without any sophistication at all nor possess the pride of a knowledge written on paper to delight the intellect, giving the impression of a revealed secret.  This progress doesn’t need magic rituals that exhilarate passions and create prophets where there are only fools.  This progress is done in a total renouncement, the same the Christ recommended.

Men and women have to purify themselves from the futilities of the world.  It is a progress that leads toward virtues, humility, detachment and renouncement.  The material world is a becoming.  All forms of life belong to the Father and have to take one day the path to evolution toward the Supreme Being.  We have, one day or another, to go back to the source!

God is pure spirit.  What comes from him is eternal and unchanging.  God is the life, the spirit, the light and archetype of all things principle.  He is the father of all souls and the father of consciousness.  Yet, a cosmic event had thrown part of its creation at the edge of darkness.  Darkened, the matter closed up on the spirit.  God, that is the unity, had created the four elements of the world in an undifferentiated form, creating the seven heavens.  But the fallen angels responsible of the division did separate the unified elements to organize the world.  The evil had corrupted the four elements in a darkened matter that served to build up the world.  But God stays the creator of the spiritual basis of the matter.

Evil is a total nothingness; that is to say that it cannot create because everything it could do would be necessarily destroyed immediately.  For the creation of the material world to be maintained in a transitional manner, the visible world sees its organizational principle govern by the cosmic laws that have, from the start, absorbed a parcel of the Supreme Being.  It is God himself that gives the duration, from the cohesiveness to the manifestation.  So the world is the place where good and evil mix up.

The world has been done according to the consent and the will of God but not by him!  The bad principle did force the good creation and rushed its fall.  In John’s gospel we read this:

“In him was the life and the life was the light of men.  The light glints in darkness, darkness didn’t receive it.”

In the material world, the divine presence of God was sensitive to life, to creation because from darkness does not emanate any life and nothing could hold in place without the divine will!

“Without him nothing have been done”

It is a pure logic and a pure truth.  Nothing has been done without him simply means that the bad principle could do nothing by itself without corrupting something that comes from God.  It is illogic and deprived of any sense to think one second that the darkening, the darkness, the bad principle could have created anything.

We are all part of a world of matter that is only illusion and perversion and that is not in the slightest God.  We are the product of an organized, given to an agitated nature and implacable chaos.  We have to look for God outside of this world in meditation, contemplation and prayer, as well as the manifestation of all the virtues of man.

“He had created by the Holy Spirit only the virtues of heavens”

We are not explicitly at the origin a divine creation but rather the fruit of a long evolution in the matter! We have to look for God out of this world simply because the foundations of life and of the spirit makes us have a premonition of the existence of a divine power, metaphysical; a line between the matter and the antimatter that would be annihilated if they would encounter.

God is neither from this world nor this world from him.  We have to get the true love out from the heart of life and from the consciousness, that only express and manifest all notions of goodness and justice.  This path leads us to the spiritual world, directly toward God, and toward a conscious life, so that we can manifest our own reality in the chaotic matter.

The physical life is the fruit of the encounter between the chaos and the spirit gone down in the organized matter.  God created the principles of all things and the spiritual forms of all things.  The human being’s evolution has to tend toward the creative side to lead all beings toward their perfect form, spiritually created from all eternity!

That is why the redemption of the world toward the golden age will be put in place only by means of goodness and putting love in place in the world.  That is why the Father sent the Son to instruct humanity but humanity didn’t understand until now!  5000 years ago, God manifested to men in order to live his own entertainments and to teach the truth to the eternal souls he created.  He sent his son then he sent his messenger through an angel giving him the teachings, the Koran.  Then the looming out of masters that came to teach virtues has become more frequent but the world seems to resist staying in the chaos.  That is why we have to elevate ourselves in virtues and knowledge, in order to make the coming back to the source, toward God!  The Supreme Being!

The fallen angels locked up the spirit in the matter.  Now we have to let our pure spirit, filled with the virtues of God, manifest itself in this matter.  It is being born again to go back toward the source!


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