When we succeed in forgiving, it is because we succeeded to connect ourselves with our soul, our divine inner part, by putting aside our flesh, our mental and our ego.

Jesus said: “in truth, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18, 18

That is the same as saying that if you do not forgive to others, then at your death you will leave your body with your resentment and that you will have, one day or another, to settle this problem in another life whether  in paradise or on earth.

Forgiveness begins with clemency because God is infinitely clement.  Look for hits divine part in you and you will be able to forgive the worst faults committed by one’s fellow human being.  It is the same between nations.  Jews, Muslims, Christians and all the others have to forgive one another for the mistakes of the past and go ahead towards a better comprehension of the other.  Don’t they all have the same patriarch Abraham?

Forgiveness begins with clemency and comprehension of ignorance.  In the Koran it is stated in Al-Nisa part 5 chapter 4 verse III “everyone that does bad or is harmful to his soul and that ask for forgiveness to Allah, will find Allah forgiving and merciful” (translation from French text)  and in Al-Nisa part 4 chapter 4 verse 17 “Allah is clement and merciful”. (Translation from French text)

So if we are all an infinite part of God, Allah, that is ALL, it is its same divine part in us that has to reappear.  We have to let it manifest and let clemency invade us, forgiveness will follow its way.  Let’s be merciful and filled of clemency.  Forgive us our sins as we forgive to those who offended us…

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