In a collective  unity of consciousness. Based on a unity spirit. I simply bring here a message to help you in any way possible to break everything that seems to be barriers or separation walls.

Everyone of you, and the whole humanity, need now to understand that no barriers exists, neither walls or differences between all the religious dogmas as diverse as they are. It exists as a difference, only the one from your circumscribed vision. Only you delimit and put barriers.

That makes me think of a friend that became as a brother to my eyes but that inspires me in an amazing way. And it’s him that inspired me this text.

He told me once that, reuniting different nations and different religious beliefs, was like letting blind people lead other blind people. He didn’t understand where i was going with this. So i explained to him that it was precisely because of answers like his that i was pushed in spite of myself, to do what i was doing today.

First, i didn’t decide to do it. All my life prepared me for that and i chose to do it because the whole universe lead me to achieve what we are doing my wife and I. It’s been a long preparation, followed of a certain guidance in an orderly logic.

This dear brother and friend here was saying to me: “You invite blind people, that didn’t understand and that don’t have the real knowledge or doctrine, to come expose themselves in front of other people and convey only shit!”

Of course, when he was talking of REAL doctrine, he was talking of his’, the one he learned with the books he read of course. But nevertheless, he didn’t understand the meaning of the Alliance Of the Nations, nor the direction where we wanted to lead it my wife and I.

Omraam himself was saying that prophets were alone in their missions and he was saying precisely that we needed to unite and live this unity, this collective consciousness. And that’s what is happening right now on earth. Group, mass meditations, egregore of a collective universal consciousness of peace and love are building up presently.

But when you limit God’s, the Almighty’s manifestation, in a being or by a guru to bring this manifestation to what you consider is true, all you do is scream out loud “look at my narrow-mindedness, my ignorance and my limited view!” I heard my friend saying: “I alone possess the truth, while others are in the fields!” That’s what i heard in the secret of his soul!

I then explained to him that humanity, to step forward, had to begin somewhere and foremost get to understand and know one another. That is unity in diversity!

I would like here to bring you new ideas and even more true that the truth itself. The whole universe deploys itself so that i deliver you this message. I would like to motivate you to loose sight of all differences. Let go of the superficial details. Only look for one truth: that the Divine source lives in every one of us, regardless of our belief! Same as the space between rays of a wheel diminishes as the rays get closer of the centre, same as the space that separated you from your brother diminishes as you get closer of the radiant centre that is the Father. Never forget that!

How many times have i heard: “the others are wrong, i possess the truth. The others are completely asleep, they are all into ignorance. I have the true knowledge, the others are going wrong, etc.” That’s at that precise moment that we can clearly see the narrow-mindedness.

It should be noted that there may be distinctions but there is no differences indeed. Don’t try to suit others to your reality or truth. Live it! Gleam and simply stay as an example! Never forget the fact that each living soul in the universe is a radiant centre of the same being, perfect like a sun; some radiating a little, sometimes just a little bit subdued, as others radiate more strongly according to the degree of awakening consciousness of each and every. The more you get close to the spiritual world in yourself and that you will recollect and will feel close to the Father, the less you will see differences. The biggest your comprehension and many will be your brothers that will want to get closer to you. Your house will become a place of encounter, of gathering.

The more you get close to the Father, the less you will feel far from the mass, because the mass will be part of you and everyone will want to be around your centre because you will be inhabited by the grace of God.

It exists this collective supra consciousness, this source of life in everyone, that is part of the Whole!

If you have faith in this divine source, then you will feel this collectivity that only wants to unify and gleam toward a future without war and in just peace! You will feel this spirit of unity that is within you, that only wants to emanate this love and stamp down evil, misunderstanding, slavery, fanaticism.

The future of tomorrow will tend toward a spiritual collectivity of the higher moral values. It exists indeed a universal behaviour code based on the virtues and some cosmic laws that have no religious relations. Simply a pure logic to act without racism and with a great liberty, with respect, humility, frankness and empathy.

The new millennium that promise will inevitably turn toward whether a massive destruction, whether the golden age.

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