God doesn’t listen to your words. Know that he listens to them when he pronounces them through your words. Only then he hears and listens closely!

When man is freed of the word of illusion, everything he will hear, everything he heard and everything he will continue hearing will be of a total indifference because he will be one with All! He will become the creator of his thoughts because God will inhabit him totally.

When we are freed of all material desires and that we will have our full spiritual consciousness, our spiritual identity will merge with the Divine essence that surrounds us.

When peace comes, bliss appears, suffering doesn’t affect us anymore, moments of great joy doesn’t intoxicate us anymore, there no attachment left, nor fear, anger, our spirit becomes steady.

When we want to become free of any link, we must stop being delighted of our happiness, we must stop complaining about our misfortune, we must also master our senses, our thoughts and our acts, not become slaves by acting only under their dictation! Didn’t Saint Francis of Assisi say: “abandon yourself to be to God the Father and the least you will be yours, the more you will be to God!” When you will be to God, you will be like a sun and you will shine of a light that will enlighten the path of those that surrounds you. You will become an inspiration source for others, a source of abundance that will satisfy everyone that will come feed of your divine light, for such is the Divine nature in human!

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