It is not easy to believe in a messiah like Jesus son of Mary and Joseph.  Believe that love is everything in life.  Not easy to accept the idea that wealth is slavery, provided life a misfortune.  Not easy to follow his teachings in a world like today.  Yet the liberation of sufferings lies in the renunciation, exactly like Caitanya Mahaprabhu explained 500 years ago in India.  The same the Christ proclaimed 2000 years ago!

Everything lies in the devotion service.  How one can’t understand Jesus’ arguments when he substituted humility to pride, simplicity to complexity, poverty to wealth and the notion of service to power?  Yet everything is there.  Happiness in renouncement and service; to love more see to it that we suffer less.  How wonderful it is to pray, but even more wonderful to act!

We can ask in a prayer to intercede for someone’s favor, but we can do something more.  We can impose the hands and let the source act.  We can get out of ourselves, get out of our own preoccupations and go meet a person that suffers more than us.  We can help someone in many ways like take off the snow of the roof of a person unsuited to do it.  To do it unconditionally in a detached way, a purely devotional and uninterested action, without asking anything in return.  Sometimes even without the person knowing that it is us that did it.  It is the real secret of happiness because this does good around us.  We then become the instrument of the Divine.

Each person has a part of God in him.  Even forgive an offense made, does some good to the person that created the offense and also, this liberates us and does some good to us too.  To be a servant like the Christ was in his life, like Krishna was, that is the secret:  To give the example by the accomplishment.  By forgiving, protecting, serving we reach liberation of the human conditioning.  In Matthew 7,21 we can read this: “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”  And in Luke 6,46 : “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”  So, continue to pray but act!

We have to pray God and listen to God.

Accomplish love actions that call for patience and tolerance.

The more we love, the less people around us suffer.

The more we love and the less we suffer as well!

And the more we serve our fellow human beings all naturally, the more the Divine acts in us.

Everything is in the devotion service toward every creature in this world.

As soon as we fully commit in this love service, we forgive all our material aspirations.

The more we go in this devotional service, the more we become virtuous.  We can even be devotional in our own work, accomplishing it like we would be doing it for God.

To serve with no attach, without gratification, to serve in joy and simplicity.  This devotional service can apply to our family, our wife or husband, our kids, our friends, our neighbors…  To serve despite tiredness, by surpassing ourselves with determination brings us then to function on another battery than our own.  It is an unfailing energy source, efficient and inexhaustible.  It is the one of the Holy Spirit.  The great power of Allah.  When we are investigated of this source, we do not feel tiredness, neither hunger, nor thirst.

Jesus washed the feet of his apostles, Krishna did the same.  Krishna often accomplished the lowest tasks during preparations of celebrations to receive the guests.

If God himself came on earth to wash a floor, then we should be proud to do the same!  To serve is not degrading; it is to do nothing that is!

Let’s accomplish with no attachment the work that has to be done!

The true love lies in this devotion service.

That is the secret!

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