The path of the virtues leading on the human perfecting way and the return toward the divine source.

First of all, there are a lot of material elements from which we have to escape to access  the real knowledge way.  Humans that are conditioned are imprisoned in the body made of the same elements and to free ourselves, we have to renounce, that will lead us directly to knowledge.

Our soul needs to free itself from its chains to access  the divine source of creation.  Our antimatter soul is locked up in matter, and its material elements that restrains it, stop the soul from connecting to God, to the Supreme Being, to this creative light source.

The most important is the devotion service.  Everything begins by the self-sacrifice.  Serve people around us the best we can every time and every place, to sacrifice ourselves for others are also ways make ourselves tools of God.  Every soul of everything that lives is a parcel of God.  By serving them we serve God.  Every time we sacrifice ourselves for someone, like simply letting our seat to someone, we sacrifice ourselves for God.  And all this brings us to the first element, pretention.  This feeling of satisfaction to always want to be honored by others.

What breaks the link that ties us up to the material world?

Humility!  We have to be humble in front of the greatness and the vastness of the creation.  We have to be humble and recognize our position of subordinate to the Supreme Lord.  So, the first step towards knowledge is humility.  We have to become servants of God by becoming his tool.  We have to be repentant and helpful in all humility, devotional in every time, in everything we undertake and with one and all.

After that, comes modesty that is an integral part of humility.  Everything we do in uninterested actions and in silence God knows!  We have to be modest in our actions.

Non-violence!  Namely not making any living thing suffer.  Non-violence involves not causing any anxiety to anyone.  We have to be non-violent, protector.  Non-violent in our actions, our words and our gestures.

Tolerance:  being able to bear ignorance and weakness of others because the spiritual energy that surrounds us is tolerant towards us every moment.  Tolerance is non-judgment.  Patience and tolerance also liberates us from material world and conditioning.

Simplicity: being able to say things frankly and in a direct and frank way.  Being simple in our approaches, simple in our doings.

Learning:  we have to learn on everything that surrounds us with zeal and audacity without ever stopping to learn.

Purity:  being pure inside of us and pure from outside, pure in our thoughts, in our actions.  We have to clean ourselves continuously from impurity that ties us up to the material and the matter.  We have to use fasting, healthy diet, purifications in water.  Purity liberates us and brings us closer from the Divine.

Perseverance: to be persistent is to be determined and faithful to our will, to be persistent in the way we act.

Then comes the self-control: mastering our feelings, our emotions.  We have to be level-headed in our gestures.  But to master our mental that is often related to the pleasure of senses, we have to begin somewhere.

The first human sense that develops is the taste, the mouth and the tongue.  So we have, in the first place, to master this organ that very often leads us toward a quietly coordinated conditioning since childhood and often marked with bad habits.  Newborns discover our material world with the tongue.  So, by mastering what enters in it, what goes out through the speech and by mastering by fasting our insatiable thirst, we become more calm and more apt to master all the rest afterward because after comes the mastering of all senses and the sexual mastering.  That, releasing us more from the material world, is a de-conditioning. We have to de-condition ourselves from the false programmations received since childhood.  Slowly this will bring us intuition and living wisdom.

Another important element is with no doubt renunciation: we continuously have to give up on something sooner or later.  Since childhood we have to give up our pacifier, our doll, after that we give up on our childhood, we begin school.  Then one day comes when we have to go to a bigger school and find ourselves with many teachers, we become adults, get married, have kids and each time we give up on something to live new experiences.  One day our body talks to us, we are less enduring, we realize that our body deteriorate slowly, bringing us closer to the end.  We can only keep it at a distance and in respect with a balanced life scheme but one day we will give up the ultimate renunciation; our life!  That is why we need to be conscious of the principle of renunciation.  Giving up the senses pleasures releases us from suffering and conditioning.  Renunciation always releases us more and more from the sway of human condition, releasing us from suffering and bringing us closer from the ultimate source: the pure luminous energy, the creative energy of all that exists.

The next element is our false ego: we have to free ourselves from our conditioned false ego.  We cannot get completely rid of the ego.  It is part of our being.  Getting rid of our false ego is making place for our true ego related to the source.  Our true I conscious and real, franc and direct, honest and intuitive.  Our false ego is part of our flesh, our conditioned mental.  The false ego is identified to the body.  Over all, we have to take consciousness of our true spiritual identity, our soul, the true ego.

We have to take consciousness of human suffering in its integrality, from birth to death.  Take consciousness that despite all the suffering that exists, this should not discourage us.  We have to stay stimulated for our spiritual progress despite the experience of suffering.

Detachment is also an important an element.  Detachment brings independence.  If you are not able to detach yourself from your familial environment, your wife, your kids, our home, how would they become independent?  By detaching from them, you teach them independence and at the same time, you become more independent yourself.

Mind equality: in all situations, whether it is a happy or sad event, we have to learn to tolerate all these temporary events.  We have to be able not to be disturbed by all kinds of conditions.  That is where the importance of our role of servant of the Supreme Lord takes place.  The pure and constant devotion brings the suppression of suffering and the mind constancy.  Mind equality is a determinant element bringing us up to the gratitude state.  Life brings us all kinds of events and these events have to let us imperturbable.

But everything begins with humility.  We cannot reach knowledge without at first developing humility.  All the rest will follow.

The philosophical search of absolute truth never stops, from which the importance of spiritual realization. All this is part of knowledge, of wisdom.  And everything that goes against all this is pure ignorance.  By beginning with the practice of humility, we are led in straight line to the realization of absolute truth, a truth that leads us towards what comes from up above, what comes from the sky.  And everything begins with the behavior code.  It is by this virtue path that we go back to God, to the true source of knowledge.

It’s a little bit all of this the Holy Spirit.

The Eternal Father

The Divine Mother

The Son and

The Holy Spirit

We are intimately connected, as well to the behavior than to the de-conditioning of life.

The Holy Spirit: the divine providence related to synchronicity of life.  He is our allied that show us the path.  It is this spirit of wisdom and truth that heals everything!

The Father:  he is connected to the consciousness and supra consciousness of our being, our soul, that is also a divine parcel of the Creator.

Its obstacle:  the responsible is our mental and our flesh.

The Divine Mother: she is connected to our heart and to love.  We have to go through the Mother to go up to the Father.  Without our heart opening, there cannot be love, the receptacle of pure divine energy.

Its obstacle:  the responsible is the false ego and the lack of understanding, hatred and suffering.

The Son: he is connected to the virtues of the soul.

Its obstacle: ignorance and fear.

The Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit are never detached from us.  They are integral part of all our being.

The Holy Spirit is always with us.  The Father is part of us and we are part of him.

The Son is the one that shows us the way, the path leading to the source.  He invites us to become a son of the Creator too.

*note that all these elements that connect us to conditioning are taught in all there integrality.  Through his parables and his sermons, Jesus dictated the path to follow.  It is exactly the teaching of Christ!  It is also explained in the Baghavad Gita and the Vedic scriptures. Scriptures 5000 years old.  The Koran also explains exactly in details the same behavior code to observe!

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