Righteousness, a very important thing that determines our values, is what moves us forward and also makes others move forward by our interaction.

I once met people completely faithless that possessed great moral values and that could resemble good Christians to itself.

One that goes to the church every Sunday to show good impression but that shows the contrary all week long, has less value to the eyes of the universe, to the creation, to God the Supreme being, that one that despite his faithfulness will always act in a good way with his neighbor to bring him help and support. What are our prayers if we don’t act in the same direction. It is also in the action that prayer takes shape.

It is in action that our virtues manifest and it is in action and the concrete gestures, that we make the benefits and graces of God happen. Even if we do not believe in God but that we are helpful, charitable, generous, merciful and tolerant, patient, full of goodness and comprehension, devoted and compassionate toward others, well then we act according to the principle of good and divine justice despite us. We become responsible of the wellness of others and we participate in a direct way to contribute to the happiness and blossoming of everyone that surrounds us. The source can flow through those that acts for the good of the human being and create a better humanity.

Be in the action.

Act according to noble principles and you will be the pillars, the examples for future generations. You will sow the balance where there is imbalances. It is not only a question of faith but a question of logic on the human nature in evolutionary sense.

Even some animals felt empathy for other animal species than theirs. The intelligent man, sensitive and logic can only feel the same empathy for others.

Inaction can only lead nowhere. I once looked at a video showing a group of persons simulating discomfort by falling in the middle of the street to see the reaction of people. One was filming, the other taking the sound, hidden unbeknownst of the passers-by and an actor that simulated a discomfort in the middle of the street of the town center. Well, to my great disappointment, I was seeing lots of passers-by continue on their way without even turning around, by fear, by lack of interest or time. It took 14 minutes before finally someone decided to really do something.

Be of those that will stop to verify everything is ok, to bring your support despite your delay, despite everything that surrounds you.

Be the torch, the light of those looking for it.


Simply be in action.

It is not a question of faith but a question of humanity!

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